Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic.

Created by Eugen Erhan & Tudor Muscalu



Fredo is the larger more rotund of the pigeons. He’s easy going but ruthless, so he always gets what he wants. His calm demeanor makes him always seem like he’s filmed in slow motion whether he’s getting with the ladies or eviscerating his enemies. He has the power to revive the dead. Resurrection hurts a lot, but Fredo enjoys it when Pidjin is in pain. He finds Pidjin’s hurting face the funniest thing ever. And Pidjin is a magnet for pain, so there is plenty of entertainment for Fredo. Yet he doesn’t consider himself a bad person for this, he’s just affraid he might bust a vein laughing.

Pid’jin: anyone else wound so tight would explode

Richard Pid’Jin is slender, so slender he’s actually pointy. He assumes the role of the leader and strategist. Being the responsible one he’s desperately trying to keep the team on track with their plan to end the world. So far all his plans for world destruction have backfired. Also he has failed with getting some action from the fairer sex, despite Fredo’s efforts to educate and even coach him. He has very few outlets for releasing his inner pressure, but is blissfully unaware of this predicament. He’d be surprised to learn that people see him as a heart attack waiting to happen.

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