Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic.

Created by Eugen Erhan & Tudor Muscalu

Webcomics We Like

This is stuff you can read between 2 episodes of Fredo and Pid’Jin. We do like several mainstream comics such as Dilbert, Pearls or Garfield, but the world needs to discover some more, that are just as good:

Diesel Sweeties
It’s pixelated, it’s bad, it’s got an ex pornstar dating a robot, you wanna read it.

Savage Chickens
Chickens have it as hard as us humans. I’m talking about life.

It’s kinda like Gary Larson’s stuff, but naughtier.
One word: Dirty Panda having sex with World Wildlife Foundation’s president’s wife.

Cyanide and Happiness
Sick and cynical, usually no plot. You will laugh. You will feel impure.

This one is political satire mostly, and politically incorrect as often as it can. Elftor’s friend is a piece of cheese, it features bin Laden and Bush and God. Wtf ?

Questionable Content
The soap of all webcomics. We stopped trying to figure out if Faye and Marten are ever gonna do it or anything. Still we did read thru hundreds of episodes, hoping it would happen. This comic is definitely a frustrating tease, and a damn addictive one, too. Don’t miss it.

9 Planets Without Inteligent Life
It’s about robots with a bohemian drive that enables them to be bohemians. They go on quests and sometimes have romantic encounters. It’s not a particularly funny comic, it’s epic, in a dreamy way.