Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic.

Created by Eugen Erhan & Tudor Muscalu

Pid’Jin’s Hadron

Last week, on F&P: Pid’Jin gets stabbed

Your friend Pid'Jin sabotaged the Hadron Collider and destroyed the world!!! I'm not his friend!!!

Lead us to Pid'Jin!!! - I don't know this Pid'Jin guy, I swear!!!

We know he is in that crowd, point him out! - For the third time, i don't know him... - We're giving you 30 bucks!

Meanwhile, in the real world: Revive him, Fredo! I tried three spells, and no result. I'm out of ideas. - Hey, try mouth to mouth.

That's Pid'Jin!!! SEIZE HIM!!! Oh Fredo, with a kiss you betray me...

Traitor!!! Woo, the bouquet!

Awww, c'mere, buddy, turn that other cheek! - Fine, I forgive you, for you don't know what you've done. - He has risen!