Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic.

Created by Eugen Erhan & Tudor Muscalu

Pid’jin Xmas Goodies!


Know what’s good this Xmas? Evil! Evil is good.
Pid’Jin brings you an exclusive, one of a kind jewelry collection.


pidjin earrings

Your evil advisors, conveniently placed close to your ears.
(Fredo on the right ear, and Pid’jin on the left)
35 RON/pair


pidjin bracelet
We know you like your men in chains, and Fredo is willing to indulge.
35 RON/one

Get some atom power to your heart. Don’t worry, it’s safe. Have the Pidjins guard them boobies for extra safety.
20 RON/one

Pidjin Necklace

The Three Stranglers
Lovingly strangled is your preferred mode of death? Nice! Just choose your skillful strangler.
35 RON/one

“ZOMG these are so cool i’m totally tweeting this!!!”


These marvelous jewels can only be shipped in Romania.

Head over to Tricksbox, where you can order them via e-mail.

Please do so before December 21st.

You can also try them on in real life, at the Tricksbox booth
(Sala Dalles, 2nd floor, Bucharest).

Lots of thanks to our friend Oana from Tricksbox, our one and only official Pidjin® merchandise licensee.