Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic.

Created by Eugen Erhan & Tudor Muscalu

5 Years Of Fredo&Pid’jin!

Hello, everyone! Today we celebrate 5 years! And while we party down with these horny lemurs and alien strippers, you get to take over the comic. Use the toy below to write your own dialogue, and maybe enter our awesome contest!

We’re hand-painting 3 awesome, expensive tshirts and you’re gonna fight for one of them!

Your job? Write a funny dialogue in the blank comic above. Be in the funniest 3, and we’ll ship that legendary tshirt to you. Anywhere in the world.

There will be 3 winners, hand picked by us.


1. Want in? Connect to Facebook first, using the blue “Connect” button under the comic. (if it says “Submit” instead of “Connect”, congrats – you’re in!).

2. Write the dialogue in the speech bubble. (English only, pls).

3. When you are done, press the “Submit” button below.
Please be aware: once you press submit, your comic will be automatically published to your Facebook wall, and on our contest gallery[link].

If you want to remove your entry from your Facebook wall, you can just click “remove”. This won’t disqualify you from our contest.

If you want to remove an entry from the gallery (and automatically, from the contest), please mail us the link to it, to richard.pidjin at

You are allowed to submit multiple entries.

There are “Like” buttons on each entry – if your entry gets liked a lot, we’ll definitely give it extra attention, but not necessarily a prize.

This contest ends on June 14th.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below.

We will remove any entry that we consider offensive or spam, without notice.

So are we just tshirt-bribing you into pushing Pid’jin on your Facebook Wall? Totally.

Lots of thanks to Dreamproduction, for creating this adorable WordPress+Facebook toy for us.